In Rememberance Of

02/2000 - 11/18/2003

What a "Cutie"!

"Cutie and her soulmate "Handsome"

Cutie was our first addition to our family in our new home. She was a rescue from the local humane society. She was a 37lb+ Jack Russell mix, (mixed with something pretty darn big).
She was in charge of playground monitoring while the poodles were at play. She was known as the "grouchy aunt" when getting feverishly licked by the toys.

Cutie crossed the Rainbow Bridge 11/18/2003.
She was a great joy to our family, even while doing the exact opposite of what you were asking her to do. Cutie loved to lay at night under the blankets with her junior master, our son, Timothy. She looked forward to visits from her uncle Scott on Sundays. That was donut and chai tea day.

Why does it hurt so much when you lose a dog? Because you lose a piece of your heart... a part of the family. They're not your pet. They are your companion.
We love you and miss you and we look forward to the day when you greet us on the other side of the bridge.